My good friend Sascha visits Malaga

Day 96 to 101, Thursday 07.08. to Tuesday 12.08.2014 – “Por favor? Puedes tener el projecto del ley!” …or: How Sascha tries to order the check. 

Honestly, the days with Sascha can be summed up very briefly and were exactly as expected. Drinking at the beach, sleeping at the beach, drinking at home, drinking in the center, eating 2,50 pizza before going to bed, sleeping, start at the beginning again. Cultural highlights: On the way from Malaga to Conil we made two pictures of Africa and another picture of a castle in the mountains – but we did not stop for that, we shot them out of the running car to not waste time. The stops were only for beer runs and toilette visits. It were also the only days where my normal daily travel budget was totally out of question. I guess by noon ever day it was spent. But I had an awesome time with my friend and it was worth every Cent.

Preparing Doraden

 Some highlights:

The first day and night we spent in Conil de la Fronteira, which is a small tourist village close to Cadiz. Perkash, a friend from my time at SAP, stayed there and invited us. In comparison to Malagas beaches Conils is much more fascinating. The sand is white and fine, the water is crystal clear in a very bright blue and you may walk dozens of meters into the sea and still be able to stand (even I). And: the chringuito (beach bar) that offers cold beer is very close. What can you expect more? It was also our first time that we tried Salmorejo, which is similar to Gazpazo but also contains Jamon Serano (ham) or Chorrizo and boiled eggs. And: it tasted really really good, even at midnight! The night in Conil was dominated by partying, as the while village is really crowded with young tourists during the high season. Special thanks to Perkash and friends for their great hospitality. It was an amazing time with you guys, especially how we tried to make a group picture and our photographer deliberately cut out Sergio. Photoshop could’t have done a better job.

Friday and Saturday … just see the introducing lines 😉 Big Party at Calle Faro 1, 5B with 12 guys from Denmark, 2 Italians, Sascha, Anke, me and my Korean roommate, who did only come out of her room to check whether the router is still working.

Party Calle Faro 1

On Sunday we needed to take a rest and I offered to take Sascha, Ida and Anke to a beautiful picnic place I discovered during my hiking trip in the mountains. With wine, cheese, bread, ham and olives we started our trip and had a picnic during sunset. As it always is, the actual sunset happens very very quickly and from the first moment the sun touches the horizon until the very last sight of the sun only are a couple of minutes. Out of the blue, Ida had the bright idea to stand up and jump to see the sun again. What? „Yes, if we now jump we again are able to see the sun!“ – Okay, how high do you normally jump? 😉 …maybe Yo could do that but who the fuck is Joe? (sorry, that’s an insider).

Rooftop Bar
Picnic Monte Malaga

Monday was – at least for me – usual business in the language school and Sascha was the first time on his own. One would think that no much can go wrong but during lunch time I received a sms-for-help from my friend. „Could you please tell me, how I order the bill/check?“ Unfortunately I wasn´t able to reply immediately, Hence, Sascha had to consult Google translator and memorized the phrase: „Por favor? Puedes tener el projecto de ley?“ – after saying this sentence, the waiter was totally confused and did not understand a single word. Sascha repeated, because he thought he just pronounced it wrongly. What he did not know was that he just asked: „Could you give me the draft for a new law, please?“ Well done, Google translator! Joe would definitely have done it better 😉 Sascha, I am so looking forward to your next visit in Thailand 2015…maybe you can beforehand memorize the Thai phrases for “draft of new law” and “check” that we don’t have the same same confusion.


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